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The high performance low production sports car Force 1 is a two seater with an all carbon fiber body.

Today an all-new American Super Car 2016 Force 1 V10 was unveiled. It was unveiled by the legendary automotive designer Henrik Fisker. Along with the American race car driver Ben Keating during the NAIAS 2016.

The Force 1 is a two-seat, all carbon fiber-bodied race car. The high-performance, low production sports car was manufactured in Auburn Hills. The car was launched by the new company VLF Automotive. Fisker is a partner and design chief at the VLF Automotive. Bob Lutz is the Chairman at VLF Automotive.

According to Lutz, Force 1 is another dramatic example of their company. VLF Automotive will be combining proven world-class platforms and components. The elegant designs by the company will produce stunning bespoke luxury sports vehicles. 

Fisker and Keating entered into a partnership in early 2015. They bonded over their mutual love of cars. They discussed the possibilities which could emerge if their skill sets intersected. 

"What inspired me most about building this partnership with Ben is that he is the most passionate Viper racer in the world and understands performance metrics in cars, both on the track and on the road, better than anyone I've ever met," said Fisker.

"He's developed a unique active suspension for superior handling and ride, which is seamlessly integrated into the Force 1, enhancing performance whether on track or road."

"To work with Henrik as one of the world's best designers to create a super exciting, wide curvy body for this amazing car is the opportunity of a lifetime," Keating said.

"Plus, it's the perfect vehicle to showcase many of the incredible performance features we've been working on for years. It really is the chance to start with an amazing initial platform to develop an incredible American super car with exceptional design and performance.

The all carbon fiber body makes the Force 1 V10 a lightweight vehicle. The car contains 21-inch high wheels and high performance Pirelli P Zero tires. It has one of the most powerful naturally aspirated road engines. The car claims to deliver the best performance in its price class. 

"In the case of Force 1, there is an extremely pushed back green house," Fisker explained.

"The sculpture on Force 1 is like a family succession to Destino, dramatic and powerful, relative flat surfaces on the high end of the body side, with lines full of tension, emerging onto a rounder lower section, where Force 1 has a large functional outlet. The sculptural hood has unique, large, negative surfaces, as in the family of the Destino, with six highly needed air intakes and outlets for the 745-HP 8.4 L V10 engine. The windscreen wraps around into the side glass, followed by an elegant, yet aggressive side line sweeping up towards the rear deck. The graphics are uniquely sleek with ultra-thin lights in front and UTV laser-blade tail lamps, the thinnest tail lamps in the world, at the rear. The day light opening (DLO), or side window, has a completely new and never before seen graffic that ends up in a sharp spear."

Supercar Force 1 V10 will go in production at the end of April 2016 in Auburn Hills. Initially only 50 units of Force 1 V10 will be produced.

And the deliveries of this new American supercar will start in third quarter of current year through Ben Keating's Viper Exchange. This supercar will be available at base starting price of $268,500. 

The NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) is hosted at the MGM Grand Detroit. 2016 will be the ninth year of the ultra-luxury automotive event. The NAIAS constitutes the release of more than 50 new cars. NAIAS will last from the 16th to the 24th of January, 2016.


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